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In February 2009, I took down all my blogs for a personal reason. I am still in the process of taking them down. I working to categorize them and set up new, useful blogs for you. I lost count at 9,000+ entries.

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Following is the list of categories I had in the past, which will have its own homes.


Elaine Hope

Elaine Hope is my pen name and middle name. Currently this site is forwarded to Windows Live Feed.
Dandongzip Foodies A photo-blog of what to eat, where to eat and where to shop for busy people.
Learn English This is for
Learn Korean via Korean Language and Culture Club
Seoulian in Los Angeles This is in Korean and is for Koreans, introducing life in America.


Dancer's Digest started as a dance newsletter service in early 1980. In mid 1980s, I begun to organize dance workshops and parties to promote social dance and to strike deals with venues for dancers. DD has been now joined by a group of social dancers. Together, we promote, support, and spread our love of dancing.


Mainly I tend to focus on three dances that I teach, promote, and support. They are: ballroom, Salsa & Latin including Casino Rueda, and Swing (East Coast, Lindy, and West Coast Swing). I'd love to support Tango more actively, but I haven't been able to. I hope to.